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nicholas Joel

with friends and family


I've worked as a wedding photographer for over twelve years, with a strong focus on real photojournalistic moments. I love to build a relationship with my clients and tell their personal Story.

Let me experience your love story from the first email to the couple portrait session, to the wedding day and beyond.Your Story began long before I met you and will last long after the click of the shutter.

As the season's pass, time moves on from generation to generation your Story can be remembered through the imagery composed as I partner with you to create a representation of your love as you begin a life together.

I think it's important to look back and remember. I spend the day searching for the special moments shared between family and friends. Documenting these memories helps us to remember and cherish our relationships.

In the years to come, you will realise it's all these moments that makeup who we are. All the smiles, laughter, and tears are the ingredients used to make these moments. By preserving these memories, I'm able to share the joy and love that comes with these experiences with family, friends and future selves.



To ensure you get the best photos possible, don't just select someone whose work you love; select someone who you gel with. Getting great photos is a partnership between the photographer and the client. If you don't connect or, worse, don't feel comfortable, it really does impact the final result.

The image is the bride's daughter sneaking a peak at her mum getting ready for the big day. Not setup; just documented as it happened.


Looking at images that make me remember and evoke emotion is as close to it gets to reliving the moment. Capturing emotive imagery truly is an art form.



As a photographer, I strive to capture moments that evoke emotion. My style is a mix of photojournalism and fine art portraiture – something that will not only look stunning in the present, but that you'll look back on with fondness and nostalgia. My approach to capturing special moments is candid and unobtrusive.

As a wedding photographer I believe the ability to capture the genuine emotion and personality of my subjects is essential in telling your special story; Resulting in beautiful, natural and intimate shots that you won't find with traditional posed portraiture and fake laughs..

I also love to capture styled fine art portraits. I strive to create stunning images that draw on the emotion of the moment. I love to use light and shadow to create a unique atmosphere, as well as incorporating aspects of the environment to tell the story, like moody light in a farm cottage or a beautiful mauntain range in the back ground.

Mathew and Janine get married.

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iwood K0rvMa1Y18A unsplash

I Love a mix of fine art portraits and real natural moments.

I love real moments that are not set up or contrived, but instead are spontaneous and full of genuine emotion and reactions.

When I have the opportunity, I enjoy creating fine art portraiture that tells a story with one image, whether it's in the midst of a majestic mountain range or amidst the vibrant city lights of Melbourne; I use the background as a frame to capture my clients' unique style and love.


Welcome to my collection of favourite wedding and couple photos - each one a unique reflection of their special day, captured using the surrounding environment to tell a story.