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nicholas Joel

nicholasjoelphotography, February 18 2016

Natalie & Aaron's top 5 wedding tips for Melbourne brides

Wedding advice from Natalie

Recently married and totally in love, I unfortunately didn't get to take part in their big day as I was unavailable; However I did get to document them via a portrait session ( ) weddings can be an over whelming experience, its good to stop, take a breath and learn form some one who recently been there.click here to see more

Q: Top 5 tips you can offer as advice for Melbourne brides planning their wedding?


Have a reliable helper for the day to ease your stress and make sure everything is organised (Most people have bridesmaids for this - but we didn't have a bridal party so I trusted my capable Mother with the important things on the day)


Don't get caught up in what other people expect or want for your wedding - it is YOUR day and nobody else’s.


Don't stress about the things you can't control!


Take time to enjoy each other whether it's after the ceremony, for 5 minutes at your reception or when you've said your farewells to guests. (The favourite part of our day was ordering 3am room service and just getting to be together for the first time as husband and wife).


Just enjoy the process, don't let stress ruin the most exciting time of your life.

to see more from Aaron and Natalie at their South yarra portrait session.Click here

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